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- SOLAR T62-32 Gas Turbine Engines

Have you discovered an old helicopter kit in your garage and don’t know what to do with it?  Let us know!  We are always looking for:

- Scorpion Kits/Components

- Classic Rotorway Exec Kits/Components

For Sale:


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Convert your R22 to an Ultralight CL02 using a Rolls Royce Gaz turbine kit for 40,000 Euros

Conversion explained here:

Or with English subtitles: 

N512CL Helicycle, Group 4 kit, Serial #4-27, TT 84 hrs

Flying Photo here…

$41,000 USD  near Atlanta GA. 100 hrs time. More info to follow.


FOR SALE: MH-1,tail number N542JH, is a modified Mini 500. Looks the same but that is all. Powered by a very reliable robust Yamaha 120 horse power Genesis engine, it uses 91 octane fuel. Many structural components are strengthened. Cockpit panel is an MGL Stratomaster.. It has nav, landing and strobe lights. Yaesu FTA-230 transceiver radio. TT is 93 hours. Last annual Oct 2020. Have log book and build manuals' This is not an ultralight. $25K OBO, ground handling dolly included.



Rotorway 96 Kit completed in 2018. Certified airworthy in 2018.  Ity is a 162 F Fuel Injected. Has an updated engine.  Water Jacket Kit (cost was $5000.00).  Has cog belt system. New spark plugs, air filters, oil change, new paint, Bendix King radio.  It has 48 hours on the machine, runs and flies as it should.  $38,000.00  Might take partial trade.


HELICYCLE:  Purchased in 2014, Build completed 2016.  It has a certificate of airworthiness, MGL 10" glass panel, MGL 10-watt radio, transponder with ADSB-out. Extra set of elastomeric bearings, 41hours.

Several upgrades from Eagle:  Hood strut support, Rotor head bush to bearing conversion kit (new in package), Dual engine speed sensor, Cyclic mixer, Filter strip for governor connection, Factory assembled MR blades and complere tail rotor assembly, Custom pedals, Half doors, Oil cooler for gearbox, Eagle R&D Helicycle custom seat.   

USD$56,000, Located in Australia

T62 for a low mount RotorWay conversion or for your Helicycle. Has output pulley with magnets for charging system. Includes the lightweight starter. Also has the governor for speed control and the new style speed sensor.   Everything you need for a turbine setup jet fuel burner. Love that turbine sound and kerosene smell!


Older Exec frame and body and engine mount.  $1000.  Have new style dog house for a little extra if wanted. $1300.  Has a good set of doors, again for a little more, $1800.

Call Homer


Group 4 Helicycle in Wyoming, close to completion.

$48,500 USD

Tail No. ZU-RBE, Serial number 5-40, Total time on the Heli since new is about 3.5 hours

$48,000 USD Call Homer  REDUCED

T62 converted and ready to go in your Helicycle or other light helicopter.  Eagle converted, less the light weight starter. 

$20,000 call Homer for more details




Helicycle: 81.3 hours, XCOM760 radio with MP3 (iPod) input, Microair Transponder with encoder, EI Fuel Flow computer, Dual Tach (rotorway type) Garmin 296, Fully upholstered and carpeted interior, Moroso MR Trans cooler, PC925 battery AH1-W Cobra cyclic grip (real deal, dual trigger, “209” part numbered). 

$78,000 USD  Call Homer 

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