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- SOLAR T62-32 Gas Turbine Engines

Have you discovered an old helicopter kit in your garage and don’t know what to do with it?  Let us know!  We are always looking for:

- Scorpion Kits/Components

- Classic Rotorway Exec Kits/Components

For Sale:


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IMG 0580

Very low time 162F engine, ECU’s, all fuel hoses pumps and controls, oil tank and exhaust headers.  Also has complete ignition system wiring harness and overhead switch panel.  Convert that older EXEC or Scorpion over to newer setup.  You can hear it run.  $9500.  Call Homer

KISS Conversion JetExec, licensed and flying.  Airframe TT 641 hrs, newly overhauled engine TT 24hrs.

$75,000 USD.   REDUCED 

Suitable trailer listed below.

Older Exec, upgraded to Exec 90 (1-3/4” mainshaft, 35mm secondary & dual ign), old style landing gear.  Southern Michigan.




162F kit.  Over $70,000 in direct costs. About 3 years of part-time labor.  Patient, meticulous work with large amounts of advice and guidance from Rotorway. All original kit parts and components are included. Any parts not used in sub-assemblies yet, are in original packaging.  All parts and sub-assemblies have been kept in environmentally controlled shop. Call Homer if interested. 

Asking $33,000 USD with just a hint of wiggle room. 

20190520 163047

Helicycle, 200 hours, upgrades and aux tank, new unibuilt full door kit, spare engine parts .  Trailer with winch.

$45,000 USD.  Negotiable.

Trailer, $8,000 USD

Helicycle kit 03-07, 80% complete.

Blades have been back to the factory and machine work done.  Would be a quick kit to finish up.

$32,000 USD

Helicycle 1 tonemapped
IMG 2158

Group 4 Helicycle in Wyoming.

$48,500 USD

Tail No. ZU-RBE, Serial number 5-40, Total time on the Heli since new is about 3.5 hours

$48,000 USD Call Homer  REDUCED

T62 converted and ready to go in your Helicycle or other light helicopter.  Eagle converted, less the light weight starter. 

$23,000 call Homer for more details




Helicycle: 81.3 hours, XCOM760 radio with MP3 (iPod) input, Microair Transponder with encoder, EI Fuel Flow computer, Dual Tach (rotorway type) Garmin 296, Fully upholstered and carpeted interior, Moroso MR Trans cooler, PC925 battery AH1-W Cobra cyclic grip (real deal, dual trigger, “209” part numbered). 

$78,000 USD  Call Homer 

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